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Encrypted Texting and Videoconferencing
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Created: 4/6/2017
Modified: 8/22/2018
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Signal - Private Messenger is an easy, free application that is available for your iOS and Android devices. Communications are encrypted and meet HIPAA security requirements. The application can be used to securely send text messages to colleagues and/or patients. It can also be used to conduct secure telehealth sessions. This knowledge base article explains how to install and use the application. For more information, please visit the Open Whisper Systems website.


Please note, ICANotes does not offer support for this application. For any support needs, you will need to visit the Signal Support Center. We are not partnered or affiliated with Open Whisper Systems.


1. Installing Signal


To install Signal - Private Messenger, go to the App Store or iTunes (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android) and search for 'Signal'.


iOS Installation Steps:


1.  Download the application and open.

2.  You will be prompted to add your phone number (if downloaded through iTunes). After adding your phone number, press the  button.


3.  To activate (if activated through iTunes), you will need to send a verification code to your phone. Once the code has been sent to you, type in and click the button.



4.  Once the verification code has been sent, you will receive this welcome message:


5.  You will also need to allow Signal access to some of your applications such as Contacts and Notifications.


6.  Once all steps have been completed, you will arrive on this screen.


- Settings icon


- Compose icon



Android Installation Steps


1.  Download the application and open.



2.  Signal will need access to other applications on your device. Click 'ACCEPT'.




3.  You may receive a 'Potential threat alerts' warning. Click 'OK'.





4.  Once all steps have been completed, you will arrive on this screen. 


- Search icon


- More icon


- Compose icon



2. Inviting Patients and Colleagues

Before you can message or call in the Signal application, you need to invite the contact to connect. To invite a colleague or patient, from the main page, touch the gear icon (iOS) or icon (Android). 


iOS - Sending Invitations


1.  In Settings, select 'Invite Your Friends'.


2.  You can choose to send the invitation via text message, email, or Twitter.


3.  Selecting 'Message' will bring you to your Contacts.


4.  Select the contact(s) that you would like to invite and then touch the link.


5.  This will bring you to the message area with a preset invitation for your contact. Click the send icon .


Android - Sending Invitations:  


1.  Click 'Invite friends'.


2.  Select the button.


3.  This will bring you to your Contacts. Select the contact(s) that you would like to invite. Once selected, click the 'SEND SMS TO 1 FRIEND.'


4.  You will receive a message confirming the invite. Click Yes.



3.  Texting and Calling


iOS Instructions:

1.  Click the compose icon button.


2.  Click the phone icon to call the contact.

3.  To send text messages or pictures, click the paperclip icon .



Android Instructions:

1.  Click the compose icon  button.

2.  Compose your message and click the icon to send.


3.  To send pictures or videos, click the icon and choose the type of file you want to send.


4.  To call the contact, click the icon.