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Can't Open Installer: Unidentified Developer or Malicious Software Check Message from Apple
Ticket: 17348
Created: 6/20/2016
Modified: 1/2/2020
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Q) When trying to launch the most recent installer for Amarra products, I'm receiving a message saying the file can't be opened because it's from an Unidentified Developer or that Apple cannot check it for Malicious Software. What should i do?


A) This is a known issue, please do the following:


- Open a Finder window

- Navigate to the Amarra installer .pkg or .zip file, likely in your Downloads folder

- Control-click on the .pkg or .zip file

- Select OPEN from the resulting menu (top item)


You'll get a similar dialog box with an OPEN button.  Click the OPEN button to launch the installer.






Attachment: Malicious Software warning message.png