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iTunes 12.4 Update Issues
Ticket: 17067
Created: 5/17/2016
Modified: 7/15/2016
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iTunes 12.4 Update Issues:


1) After updating to iTunes 12.4, users have experienced no sound output when using Amarra Hifi, Amarra or Amarra Symphony with iTunes.  We have verified this issue and recommend users download and run the appropriate installer from the links below.


Amarra Symphony with iRC Users:



Amarra 3.0 Users:



Amarra Hifi Users:



2) Using the iTunes 12.4 Mini-player does not work with Amarra v304.  The result is no sound or artwork being updated.  Do not use the iTunes Mini-player if using Amarra.  To have a larger artwork window, we recommend double-clicking on the Amarra Artwork window to display a separate artwork window that can be sized to your personal taste.


We are still identifying some new issues that have come up, please let us know of any issues you may be experiencing.