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Can't Open .zip files
Ticket: 6086
Created: 6/18/2013
Modified: 12/20/2013
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Q) I'm trying to launch a Sonic Studio product from the .zip file I downloaded from your web site and get a message saying "<Sonic Studio Product> is damaged and can't be opened. You should move it to the Trash."


A) OS X Mountain Lion (10.8) and later has a new security feature called Gatekeeper. Gatekeeper is enabled by default and prevents applications distributed outside of the Mac App Store from unzipping, and subsequently installing.


The workaround is:

•  Open System Preferences > Security & Privacy

•  Click on the Lock icon in the corner of the window, then enter your Admin password

•  Change "Allow applications downloaded from:" to "Anywhere"  by clicking "Allow From Anywhere"

•  Download, unpack and run Sonic Studio application

• NOTE: restore Gatekeeper settings to the default option "Mac App Store and identified developers" and click on the Lock icon before closing the Security & Privacy window.