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Connecting to ICANotes Using Windows 8 RT
Ticket: 1145
Created: 12/12/2013
Modified: 9/11/2019
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To use ICANotes on a device running Windows 8 RT:
1) Go to the home screen (There is a touch sensitive windows logo to bring this up)
2) From the lower right edge of the screen, swipe upward to bring up the "All Apps" menu
3) Locate the app named "Remote Desktop" and tap it.
4) When prompted for the host address, enter "internet.icanotes.com" (without quotes).
5) Click on the "Options" to set the username e.g. "internet\icanotestest" (without quotes).
6) It is recommended to click on the display tab and set the color depth to 16-bit instead of 32-bit for better performance.
7) On the general tab enter the password (do not save password)
8) Click connect - Click OK to the legal notices after reading them.

Note: Printing from the ICANotes connection on a Windows Surface is currently not supported.  Printing may be possible via our upload site (upload.icanotes.com) if an established printing connection is present on the machine.